Your priorities are my priorities. The quality of life in Ward 9 has declined over the years. Moving forward, we need to rethink the future and set a new direction. As the most diverse ward in the city, what happens here has a ripple effect across the entire city, and it is time that we put our priorities first.

  1. Economic Development:
    1. Improve economic and employment opportunities for all residents in Ward 9.
    2. Build relationships with local businesses throughout Minnesota and bring investments to our Ward.
    3. Develop a community-based round table to work with Ward 9 residents, city hall, prospective and existing businesses, as well as the medical community to market the 9th ward a place to do business and recruit new investment without disrupting local residents.This will be modeled after and built on the accomplishments of the Phillips Partnership.
  2. Support for small business:
    1. Hold the Special Service Districting accountable for attaining the community and business objectives. This includes both the Special Service Districts themselves as well as city hall oversight.
    2. Create a Service District on Lake Street that encompasses both Phillips and Power horn communities running from 35W to Hiawatha.
    3. Establish ongoing, consistent engagement with the Lake Street Business Association, Phillips West and Midtown Phillips to ensure the accomplishment of all their objectives.
    4. Achieve a 98% occupancy rate in storefronts on Lake Street from 35W to Hiawatha. This includes the appropriate development of any vacant parcels within the corridor.
  3. Safety:
    1. Work with citizens, police, businesses, judiciary and all others to keep our neighborhoods safe.
    2. Promote the activation of community policing, police accountability, and the furtherance of the networks of block clubs. This includes the review and development of new measures of reporting in 911 response and – when necessary – advocate for additional resources and strategies to advance community safety goals.
    3. Initiate a balanced approach to the needs of the business and medical community for access to goods and services while continuing to enhance bike land plans (bike safety) in a manner the meets everyone’s needs.

These are aggressive objectives, but they are possible. I pledge to you, to remain forever accountable to you in any and every way possible. I will listen to you, I will advocate for you and I will work tirelessly to make Ward 9 a place we can be proud to call home. However, you must do your part as well. These things can only be accomplished with your involvement and your input! I invite you to join our campaign, and I ask that you caucus for me on
April 4th 2017 and vote for me on November 7th, 2017.

Mohamed Farah will:

  • Be a voice working to create equity for everyone in our district. Mohamed is a respected community leader who can unite our diverse district.
  • Advocate for economic empowerment. Mohamed supports a $15/hr minimum wage and protecting affordable housing. He will fight at the city council to make sure everyone in our district doesn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Work to create a safer community to work and play in. Mohamed is an advocate of community policing and will work to restore trust between our community and the police.